Meeting up with friends and having a glass or two is part and parcel of life

The night kicks off in the Hillinger Bar
Hillinger Wein Bar is right in the heart of the historic town center, where you can toast the forthcoming weekend with a glass of Secco Rose. Ideal, because there are plenty of delicious options here for the lighter appetite. All have ordered – now to mull over the plans for the weekend. Weather dependent, not too early and certainly not too long. This evening could last a little longer….

Londoner Pub
Now head on to the “Londoner Pub”, also just a few steps from the town centre, for a spot of après-ski. Time to celebrate! Young and old alike come together here after skiing. Live music is on and beer drunk from the bottle tastes that extra bit special. If you want to find other places to go, the Reisch Bar is only a hop skip and a jump across the street .

Reisch Bar
A glass of white wine on order at the bar, and a warm welcome. A toast to the beginning of this New Year, life doesn’t get better than this. The previous weeks in the city have been crazy, with lot’s going on. People are in a good mood and having fun. And it is still not too late to move on to Fünferl…

Only 5 meters away from the Reisch Bar, the evening continues in Fünferl. It is packed in the bar but not to worry, the mood is great and the waiter does his best that the glasses never become empty. Still time for a change of scene, though, with the next stop at Jimmy’s in Kitzbühel’s “Hinterstadt”.

A fantastic atmosphere, good music and lot's of people dancing like there is no tomorrow. After catching the likeable's waiter's eye, a large bottle with sparklers is carried through the bar. However if you prefer somewhere a little more sedate for a nightcap, the next bar is waiting right across the street.

Nightcap in the Glockenspiel
After the pulsing atmosphere of the Jimmy's, the Glockenspiel is the perfect bar to calm down after an exciting day. Just the right place to take a deep breath, order your last drinks and looking forward to a new day of hitting the slopes.

03 January 2019