Kitzbüheler Horn kicks off season

Kitzski excitedly announces the opening of the Kitzbühler Horn this weekend.
The Kitzbüheler Horn is not only very popular for families, it's also quite known for it's spectacular natural pistes and the countless deep snow downhill slopes.

And since this is not enough, the ski area also opens 2 brand-new lifts - the 10 EUB Raintal and the 6SB Brunelle.

The design of their 6SB Brunelle chairlift offers state-of-the-art comfort, including heated seats, covers and mechanical safety bars whilst their integrated special wind stabilisers will keep wind sensitivity to a minimum.

The Comfortline S 10EUB Raintal gondola can accommodate up to ten passengers and will reduce travel time from 11.7 minutes to 3.6 minutes, in edition the stations have been designed to blend in with the natural environment and are made from shingle, concrete and glass.

06 December 2018