A perfect winter day

Snow everywhere you look...
Even if Mother Hulda won't stop shaking her pillows, Kitzbühel is still easy to reach.

And for those who are already in our beautiful Chamois City, there are plenty things to do on such a wonderful winter day!

Winter hiking
Experience winter away from the ski pistes, and discover Kitzbühel's tranquil side. Let the snow creek beneath your feet, while breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying the countless views of Kitzbühel's stunning alpine landscapes.

Kitzbühel Tourism offers free guided winter hikes with our hiking guides. Discover the Kitzbühel Alps on foot accompanied by an experienced hiking guide and explore the most beautiful corners of the region.

Snowshoe hiking
Snowshoe thoruhg the glittering snow, discover wild animal tracks, breath in the frest air, and enjoy the silence, hearing only your heartbeat.

More experienced and sporty snowshoe hikers have the opportunity to head out on a tour with our experienced guides every Wednesday and Friday at 9:45 hrs (meeting point in front of Kitzbühel Tourismus Information Offices). Equipment hire per person costs EUR 12.00.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides
Wrapped snugly in blankets, it is a wonderful feeling to be towed through the winter landscape by a horse-drawn sleigh. Restful, relaxing and romantic all rolled into one. Just savour the leisurely pace to Schwarzsee lake in the direction of Reith.

... or just build a snowman
It’s no problem at all – at least when there is as much snow as in the moment. You take three medium size balls of snow. The largest goes at the bottom, the medium sized on in the middle, and the smallest goes on the top. A couple of pieces of coal form the eyes, use a carrot for the nose – you can let your imagination run wild! P.S.: Why not build a snowwoman too!

10 January 2019